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Screenwriting Classes

Do you need to take screenwriting classes? If you're asking yourself that question, you probably do. And, if you're proudly telling yourself that you're too good for screenwriting classes, than you should probably take some classes too. The fact is that even the best writers don't always know how to put a script together. The format is different, you will need to write a treatment and synopsis. Classes will also teach you how to "pitch" your script to top Hollywood executives or the best ways to win film and screenwriting contests. There are few reasons why you should NOT take a screenwriting class, so check out some of the top screenwriting classes, workshops and schools available to those aspiring to become screenwriters.

1. John Truby's Writer's Studio ph: (800) 338-7829
Over the course of 3 decades, John Truby has taught his story classes to more than 20,000 students. Providing the knowledge and expertise he has applied as a consultant on over 1,000 movie scripts, Truby offers an approach to storytelling that has earned acclaim.
2. AFI - American Film Institute ph: (323) 856-7600
AFI trains the next generation of filmmakers at its world-renowned Conservatory, maintains America's film heritage through the AFI Catalog of Feature Films and explores new digital technologies in entertainment and education through AFI's New Media Ventures.
3. Hollywood Film Institute ph: (310) 399-6699
What I am, is exactly what you want, "a great film instructor", who is pround to give you the most amount of filmmaking information, for the least amount of money, in the shortest period of time. If you don't want to spend thousands on years of theory, and just want the facts.
4. E-Script ph: n/a
Got a stage play or screenplay you want to get started on, or finish, with professional guidance? Want to write a TV spec script? Maybe you're just looking to learn the basics of screenwriting. Whatever your level of scriptwriting accomplishment, we'll provide an A-list working experience.
5. Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute ph: (800) 727-4787
Donna Lee, author of Magic Methods of Screenwriting and founder/ director of Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute since 1976, is "the worlds foremost authority on screenwriting," says Rudy DeLuca, writer, director and Emmy award Winner.
6. New York Film Academy ph: (800) 611-FILM
Screenwriting, first and foremost, is a craft. Talent alone is not enough. A writer must train by doing—by writing every day possible, which is exactly the requirement at the New York Film Academy, a film school devoted to writers, as well as directors, editors and cinematographers.
7. Screenwriters Online ph: n/a
Online Screenwriting classes or sessions on Screenwriting which consists of three nights, 2 hours per night. One with a top screenwriter, One with a top agent, producer or studio executive, and the third night is a Script Analysis night where a major screenplay is studied.
8. Gotham Writers Workshop ph: (877) WRITERS

Our screenwriting courses will help guide you in creating characters, building plots, shaping scenes, sharpening dialogue, and, of course, peddling your script. Whether you seek to write big Hollywood movies or indies, we’ll show you what it takes to get in the screenplay game.

9. Next Actor ph: (713) 532-2867
Screenwriting classes focus on writing a screenplay, both short and full length, character development, ambiance & premise, dialogue & action, acts, narration, beginning & ending of a scene and screenplay etc. Students will write a screenplay step-by-step and present it in the class.
10. The Art of Story ph: (808) 596-8300
Margaret South Co-Founder with Bette Midler and Bonnie Bruckheimer of All Girl Productions, is an experienced feature film producer who has developed scripts for Disney, Fox and Tri-Star Studios as well as numerous independent companies.

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Top Screenwriters
Hollywood screenwriters will typically receive 2-3% of a film's total gross as salary.

George Lucas
Movie: Star Wars III
Gross: $848,000,000+
2-3%: $22,000,000+ (aprox)

Bryan Singer
Movie: Superman Returns
Gross: $368,000,000+
2-3%: $9,500,000+ (aprox)

Peter Jackson
Movie: King Kong
Gross: $547,000,000+
2-3%: $14,000,000+ (aprox)

James Cameron
Movie: Titanic
Gross: $1,835,300,000+
2-3%: $46,000,000+ (aprox)

M. Night Shyamalan
Movie: The Sixth Sense
Gross: $661,000,000+
2-3%: $16,500,000+ (aprox)