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Shrek 3


Release Date:
18 May 2007

Production Companies
DreamWorks Animation

Animation / Comedy / Family

Plot outline
When Fiona's dad dies Shrek is supposed to take the crown but Shrek doesn't want the responsibility. So Shrek, Fiona,Donkey and Puss look for a new king. And so far King Arthur is the best they got.

D'Works Ani, McDonald's fry up 2-year deal
DreamWorks Animation and McDonald's on Wednesday announced a two-year global partnership that will cover the studio's two CG-animated releases per year beginning with Shrek 3 in 2007. The relationship is exclusive to DreamWorks but not to McDonald's, and does not preclude the quick-service restaurant from continuing its relationship with Disney after the companies' 10-year alliance expires at the end of next year, executives from McDonald's and DreamWorks said. "We're proud today to announce a two-year global partnership with DreamWorks Animation that begins in 2007 with an option thereafter to renew," said McDonald's president and COO Mike Roberts. "I'm very excited to work with DreamWorks as they share our commitment to quality, innovation and fun. We all know that it will bring great value to our brand as they have successfully reached moviegoers of all ages around the world with such hits as Shrek, Shrek 2, Sharktale and Madagascar just to name a few." As part of the deal, DreamWorks will create custom animation based on its films for McDonald's marketing campaigns.

Timberlake to Star in 'Shrek 3'
Pop star Justin Timberlake will star alongside real-life girlfriend Cameron Diaz in Shrek 3 as the voice of one of the animated characters. The singer is lending his vocal talents to the role of the young King Arthur in the fantasy feature, which also sees Eddie Murphy and Mike Myers returning to play Donkey and lovable ogre Shrek respectively. And producer Aron Warner has quashed rumors that screen beauty Diaz, who plays Princess Fiona, persuaded him to cast Timberlake - claiming the young pop star was just right for the part. He says, "Our desire was to get somebody who is visible and had their own persona to bring to the table. Justin fit the bill perfectly." Timberlake has already appeared in the cartoon franchise - in Shrek 2, a poster of "Sir Justin" on the wall of Princess Fiona's bedroom flashes across the screen.

DreamWorks Ani solid in Q4; 'Shrek 4' set
Long-term projects at DreamWorks Animation not only call for a Shrek 4 in 2010 but perhaps a sequel to its soon-to-be-released film Madagascar, the company said Thursday while reporting strong earnings in its first full quarter as a public company. Chief executive Jeffrey Katzenberg said he plans to screen Shrek 3 today, that there's "a script in hand" for the next installment of the franchise and that talent has been lined up for Shrek 4 at costs consistent with Shrek 2 and Shrek 3. As for the company's next release, Madagascar on May 27, Katzenberg said test screenings indicate it is as good or better than the first Shrek, though he cautioned that such screenings are not always good predictors of boxoffice revenue. If it's a hit as expected, audiences can expect a sequel in three years. "There's no such thing as a sure thing," Katzenberg said, adding that Madagascar is a "story that has a number of chapters to it." DreamWorks Animation earned $192 million in the fourth quarter on $495.7 million revenue, with $360 million of that coming from Shrek 2.

'Shrek 3' hibernating until '07
DreamWorks Animation Studios announced Wednesday that it will postpone the release of Shrek 3 from a November 2006 playdate to May 2007. The announcement comes immediately on the heels of another date shift, announced Tuesday by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation, that moved Cars from a November 2005 bow to May 2006 (HR 12/8). The rival animation companies have shifted their future potential animated blockbusters from a fall release to an early summer bow with the hopes of capitalizing on both the large summer audience and the holiday DVD market that follows. For DreamWorks, the move allows the newly public company to stick with a formula that has worked incredibly well for the first two Shrek movies. Both films were released in early May and went on to a combined domestic gross of more than $708 million.

Stillman booked to adapt 'Percy'
Joe Stillman, one of the writers of Shrek and Shrek 2, is going to adapt the upcoming kid-lit fantasy novel Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief for Fox 2000. Maverick Films is producing. The book, due next year, is the story of a young boy in modern-day America who discovers he is the son of the Greek god Poseidon and must avert a deadly war between the gods in order to save his mother. Maverick's Guy Oseary and Greg Mooradian are acting as producers. Fox 2000 execs Carla Hacken and Erin Lindsey will oversee for the studio. Stillman is well known in the animated feature world. He is working on Shrek 3, and his other credits include Curious George and Beavis and Butt-Head Do America. He was a writer on the TV shows Beavis and Butt-Head and King of the Hill. Stillman is repped by CAA.

'Shrek 3' & 4 Already in the Works
Jeffrey Katzenberg has disclosed that work on Shrek 3 began nine months ago and that work on Shrek 4 began three months ago. Katzenberg made the disclosure during an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald as he arrived in the Australian city for the local premiere of Shrek 2. "We have two more chapters to tell. Not unlike Peter Jackson did with The Lord of the Rings. The difference is they did have the guts to make all three of them back-to-back-to-back," he said, noting that in the case of the Shrek films, 13 years will have passed from the time the original began production until the fourth film is released in 2009. "We do spend three or four years making them," he said. "The nature of the process is [that] you get to see your work and view it over and over and over again -- and redo it and remake it in a way that live action doesn't have." Katzenberg credited Pixar's John Lasseter with "carrying the Disney flame," explaining that "Lasseter has all of those qualities that Walt Disney had as a storyteller. He has very much a childlike perspective in terms of how he looks at the world and how he sees things."

Jeffrey Price Screenplay
Peter S. Seaman Screenplay
Jon Zack Screenplay

Aron Warner ... producer

Cast - in credits order
Mike Myers ... Shrek (voice)
Eddie Murphy ... Donkey (voice)
Cameron Diaz ... Princess Fiona (voice)
Other credited cast listed alphabetically
Antonio Banderas ... Puss in Boots (voice)
John Cleese ... King (voice)
Regis Philbin ... Mabel (voice)
Justin Timberlake ... King Arthur (voice)

Production Managers
Suvi Salakka Booth ... production supervisor
Kelly Cooney ... production supervisor
Jeffrey Katzenberg ... executive in charge of production
Latifa Ouaou ... production manager

Visual Effects Department
Francois Antoine ... visual effects
Gilbert Davoud ... character technical director
Pasha Ivanov ... digital artist
Milton E. Rodriguez-Rios ... CG supervisor

Miscellaneous Crew
Jason Bertsch ... story coordinator
Reid Gershbein ... research and development
Christopher Knights ... first assistant editor

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