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Film Schools
Film schools allow students to develop their skills under the guidance of professional instructors, and to network and connect with others interested in film and filmmaking, as well as with those who may eventually offer them careers in the industry. Find local film schools.
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Film Workshops
Film workshops are a great way to network amongst peers while gaining knowledge for your future in filmmaking. Workshops are basically a 1 day film school. This offers a cost effective way to get training, without spending several months or years in school.
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Upcoming Film Festivals
SoCal Independent Film Festival
The SoCal Independent Film Festival provides an exciting venue for filmmakers and film watchers. The SCIFF is building an upper echelon independent film festival.
Eerie Horror Film Festival
Overlooked, underrated, and misunderstood, independent horror movies have been ignored and shunned by the mainstream film industry since it began.
United Nations Association Film Festival
The 9th Annual United Nations Association Film Festival (UNAFF) celebrates the power of international documentary films and videos dealing with UN related issues
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