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Security Guards

MPP Security & Bodyguards is a licensed and fully insured private security company that specializes in providing professional, dependable, qualified officers, and customer service to its clients. The owners, Dominic and Art Menaldi, have been involved in the security business since 1982. They began this company in 1989, to provide an honest, superior security service dedicated to providing better than average guard service. They accomplish this by being directly involved with all facets of management, realizing that our client's satisfaction depends on each and every officer's performance. Prior to starting MPP Security and Bodyguards, Mr. Art Menaldi spent 4 years in the United States Air Force as a Military Police Officer, having top secret Security clearance and providing law and order within all military facilities. After receiving his Honorable Discharge, he teamed up with his brother Dominic, a young entrepreneur already established in the business world. Together they created with a vast knowledge of security and management, one of the most unique and finest security companies in Southern California. As a result of the combined experience, their expertise now lies in accurately determining what is required to provide absolute protection in any given situation.

High Risk Security Information
MPP Body Guard Security, is always available to assist corporations, businesses and governments with such issues as Foreign Country Emergency Evacuations of executives, employees, government officials and their families, or to travel with or protect individuals, groups or valuables.

Our Specialists are highly skilled and trained in Emergency Evacuation and are available for rapid deployment to almost any foreign country or location for emergency evacuations due to civil unrest, political problems, crime, or other hostile or unstable environments or threat of war.

To aid our team of evacuation specialists, we have a group of highly trained intelligence analysts to implement our services by providing timely, important information to make our missions as secure, safe, efficient and successful as possible.

We use our highly trained specialists to provide emergency evacuations almost anywhere by air, land or water, in the US or overseas.

As professional security and risk managers, we are also able to assist with intelligence gathering, planning, personal protection, travel advisories, and security advance assessments before placing executives, employees, government officials or family members into a country that may be, or have the potential to be, unstable or unsafe.

Trust your security needs, whatever they might be, to the skilled team or MPP Body Guard Security.


With offices in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Diego Counties, Maximum Protection Security is a full service, multi-leveled security firm.

In addition to fully licensed, carefully selected and trained security guards, MPP offers personal bodyguards, courier, intermediary escorts and fully licensed private investigative services. MPP president, Dominic Menaldi, has structured his company to offer the widest possible range of private security services, promoting and upgrading the licenses of motivated employees and rewarding individual contributions to the company's success.

During the week of rioting and civil disturbances in Los Angeles and Long Beach, MPP security was recognized as one of the most dependable and capable private security firms in the area. Endorsements for the quality of protection and services offered by MPP have been received from many sources including McDonald's Restaurants, Residence Inns, Surf and Sand Hotel of Laguna Beach and Temple Beth Zion-Sinai of Lakewood, California. Recommendations and original copies of all reference letters are on file at our office; complete texts will gladly be furnished upon request.

The retention rate among the clients of MPP, is one of the highest of any security firm. Long-lasting clientele is of great importance. The need to respond above and beyond is not unusual, but the standard by which we respond, is.

If I can be of any further service, or answer any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at my office.

Thank you for considering MPP Security & Bodyguards.

Graham R. Brooke, Vice President of Temple Beth Zion, writes,
"Your guards were prompt, polite, yet firm where required and performed their duties to every- one's satisfaction. Their presence gave us a feeling of security in a neighborhood which is certainly not one of the safest. "

In addition, Sylvia Bula, Director of the Anaheim Cultural Arts Center commented, "Your company provided security for a very valuable art sculptor on Saturday, April 4th and Sunday, April 5th. Your personnel were quiet, attentive and well groomed Their professionalism was outstanding. We were truly grateful for your assistance in this matter Even ex-President, George Bush, acquired our personal bodyguard services when visiting Sunny Southern California. We were truly honored.


MPP Security And Bodyguards provides the following services:

Highly trained, licensed, and dependable armed, semi armed, or unarmed security officers available for the hours and the specific duties that you may require. All officers, whether unarmed, semi armed, or armed, are outfitted in professionally styled uniforms.

Around the clock vehicle patrol will patrol your location, with or without foot patrol inspections, based on your specific requirements.

A daily written report to include hourly updates of everything the officer is witness to, including, but not limited to authorized or unauthorized visitors, all vehicles on the premises and any safety hazards. Our officers are instructed to include as much information as possible in their reports. The officers sign each other's reports when they come on and off duty, in addition to your onsite contact's signature if required, and the reports are checked and signed by the patrol drivers and supervisors when they visit. These signatures help to insure time accuracy on your reports. Officers must turn in to the office a daily report for every shift they have worked, with their time cards, in order to be paid.

For your protection, copies of all reports are kept in our office for seven years. We can provide you with additional copies of daily reports upon your request. Other incident reports/log books/documents can be completed per your requirements. We hire, train, maintain, and supervise the security personnel supplied to you. We at all times act as an independent contractor, assuming responsibility for payroll, payroll taxes, Worker's Compensation, employee equipment, liability insurance, bonding, licensing and all other requirements imposed by the government within the jurisdiction we operate.

Your facility is regularly checked by a supervisor or patrol driver for onsite supervision of our security personnel. We have a patrol officer on call 24
hours per day who is equipped with a pager and a cell phone, and our management staff are equipped with pagers and are on call 24 hours a day in case of an emergency.

Additional equipment may be requested or required, such as cellular phones, radios, pagers, custom services, etc. All are available and, when requested prior to proposal, will be included in the proposed hourly rate; otherwise they will be added on as separate charge.

We look forward to serving you.

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