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The casting director’s responsibility is to find actors who are right for the parts of a particular production and arrange to audition them. To do this task, the casting director might go through a personal file or rolodex of actors; contact one or several agents to search for actors, and for projects large enough, putting a notice on a breakdown service.

Casting directors, many of whom belong to the CSA (Casting Society of America), work for producers and directors with the main task of finding actors to audition for a production so the client (producers, directors) can determine which actors will best fit the roles for the production. Once the director and producers have decided upon which actors to hire, the casting director then negotiates money, schedules and billing with the actors and/or their agents.

Most casting directors are freelance or independent contractors and have learned their trade through an informal apprenticeship since there is no school that teaches the skill. The Casting Society of America, located in Hollywood, is a nationwide professional organization of casting directors, but is not a formal union for the group.

There are several types of casting directors. As mentioned before, there are independent casting directors who are hired for a particular project by theater, television, film, or commercial producers. Most of these independent casting directors have offices, but others travel, depending on the location of the project they have signed on to.

Another category is the casting directors who work for advertising agencies.

It’s their job to find actors for television commercials, radio spots, voice-overs, and print.

In contrast to the first group mentioned above, there are in-house casting directors, such as daytime serial casting directors who specifically work for the studios and networks.

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