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Underwater Cameras

SeaLife Reefmaster RC
The SeaLife Reefmaster is a favorite camera for divers. It will work up to 164 ft. and only needs two AA batteries and regular 35 mm film. The camera’s desirable features are a wide angle lens, big sports viewfinder, large shutter lever and automatic winding. It's also comes with a special "coral flash" that compensates for the blue effect on closer objects.

Sealife Reefmaster DC300 Digi 3.3 MP/2 Control
This model has a land, sea and external flash mode. There is an instant delete option. It will work up to 200 ft. The camera also features 3.3mp ccd sensor, 8mb on-board memory, SD card compatible, 1.6 inch LCD color monitor, 2X Digital Zoom, Movie JPEG capable.

Sealife SD-300 Shark Diver Underwater Camera
The Sealife SD-300 takes excellent underwater pictures and has a re-loadable 35mm design. The camera is fully functional to 75 feet. Other features include an automatic film advance, automatic & manual flash activation, pressure sensor, rubber armored grip design, and a super strong hinge design.

Sea & Sea DX5000G Camera and Housing
This camera features 5.13 megapixels with high resolution, fast shutter release, six scene modes, zoom lens, macro shooting range up to 1/3 Inch, works up to 180 ft., and comes with a USB cable, AV cable, and CD-ROM.

SeaLife ReefMaster 5 Megapixel DC500
SeaLife ReefMaster introduces the 5 Megapixel DC500 digital underwater camera, which produces clear and vivid images underwater and on land. The "Shark Mode" feature helps you capture moving objects such as fish and waving fans. The DC500 has land and sea exposure modes with an external flash for low-light conditions. This camera is compact and easy to use.

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