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Makeup Artists

A makeup artist is an artist who does makeup and prosthetics for theatrical and other similar productions. Awards given for this job include the Academy Award for Makeup.

The top makeup artists are on the cutting edge of what's hot and what's not! They create fashion and become idols for youth and grown ups all around the world. The personal makeup rarely reflects the images created by film key makeup, but brings popularity to the actors and especially actresses in the film industry. So, what do they like in make up? What would we see if we met our stars in every day life?

Behind the natural look of many movie stars there is actually a great amount of delicate, laborious work. Upon a closer examination, it is easy to find out how very long eyelashes -- which have been made up by dark brown ink -- and the matte grey or beige shadows placed on all eyelids and nacreous patches of light in the corners of eyes and under the eyebrows, give expressiveness to the look our top models. In addition, eyebrows are carefully combed. To avoid lifeless dullness, a few drops of bronze emulsion and a pink pigment are added sometimes into the lip gloss. Without the skills of the top makeup artists, you'd be surprised just how plain some of the "most beautiful women in the world" really are.

Angelina Jolie considers that herself fortunate that she benefits from a natural look. She looks "beautiful" whether she wears make-up or not. But that doesn't mean she doesn't rely on top makeup artists to make her look good before the camera and in print. She chooses a natural tone, favorably shading her bright features. And although her film key makeup can be very bright in life she prefers using powders and peachy tons to other bright colors. This tone perfectly suits her, making her skin look fresh and shining. She needs, probably, just an easy touch of corporal lipstick, pink shadows and bright eyeliner for grey eyes.

Cameron Diaz on the other hand, loves naturalness but benefits from the skills of the top makeup artists to make her look good after a long night of drinking and partying with Justin Timberlake. She wears a minimum of make-up: some light pink shine creating effect of "naked lips" and pink shadows.

You might ask what men think about make up. Robbie Coltrane has already played Hagrid in three screen versions of the saga about Harry Potter, and he has admitted that he hates make up that transforms him into a shaggy giant. The make-up occupies a lot of time but still it appears to not be a unique problem. "...It is a disgusting sensation when you are covered with glue. It is awful, vile and disgusting!" says Coltrane. But apparently his 1 million dollars acting fees make all that personal make-up bearable. Remarks Coltrane, " is the only thing that darkens my participation in so remarkable films. Besides, children never recognize me! They know Hagrid, so I am hidden under tons of a make-up, a beard, and a suit".

Another of the top makeup artists is Joe Blasco. One of the wizard-stylists who are capable of changing and making any woman look beautiful. Joe is the master of make-up with a huge operational experience in Hollywood. He created Marlene Dietrich, Olivia Newton-John, Beth Midler and various other lesser-known actors, in addition to assisting other top makeup artists. For example, since 1976 he has worked side by side with Carol Burnet as her personal makeup creator.

Top makeup artists like Joe Blasco are distinguished by his tremendous serviceability. His opportunities are not limited only to a make-up and decorating appearance. Joe works in horror movies with pleasure and in a fantastic genre. For many years, he has collaborated with various Hollywood studios. Now Joe has created the Joe Blasco Make-up Center, Inc., Joe Blasco Enterprises, Inc., and Joe Blasco Make-up Center East, Inc. Besides, he has his own cosmetic firm.

Really, who knows the needs of women and the most fashionable directions in make-up better than Joe? Beauty saves the world and every woman wishes to take part in this noble works or just to see her pretty face in the mirror. There is a star in any woman! Her life is her stage and she needs the same bright and exciting feelings, seeing movies with Angelina Jolie, Cameron Dias, Marylyn Monroe, taking part in their adventures and love stories.

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